the Founder of Vkontakte social network and messenger Telegram Pavel Durov named seven reasons to refuse to move to Silicon valley. My reaction to the film journalist Yuri Dude “How IT is the capital of the world” he published in the Telegram channel.

among the downsides of living in the US, the film was named high taxes, mediocre education, lack of access to health care. He also drew attention to the fact that the United States is a police state, and one of the characters Dude himself suffered from the actions of the American authorities. The disadvantages directly the Silicon valley Creator of Telegram considered limited cultural life and high development costs.

As admitted Durov, he considered the opportunity to move to Silicon valley, but in the end decided to abandon this idea. “The United States is not the best place neither of life nor of doing IT business”, he concluded, advising that in the case of emigration to look at other options.