During the party Pavlensky cut people and got a bottle on the head

Judicial authorities of France have begun investigating the incident in which took part the artist-from Russia actionist Peter Pavlensky.

1 January 2020 in Paris, during a party between a man and a group of people occurred conflict. Pavlensky grabbed a kitchen knife and began to threaten them, resulting in the offenders inflicted wounds. The artist, in turn, got a bottle in the head, reports “Interfax”. According to eyewitnesses, actionist, was in a deplorable condition.

At the same time, some French media noted that Pavlensky didn’t hurt anybody, and grabbing the knife because it was one against about a dozen people.

on Friday rocked by a scandal in which was involved the candidate in mayors of Paris Benjamin Hryvnia. Peter Pavlensky posted a video spicy content with a politician that was meant for some young lady. Also the publicity received correspondence Hryvnia, in which he notes that marriage is a prison, even in the election campaign and defends family values.

Some French media noted that the publication of such materials is fraught with Pavlensky to two years in prison and a fine of 60 thousand euros. Benjamin Hryvnia announced its intention to sue the person who posted the video and correspondence in the public domain.