The man came already several times against the road traffic act. Despite the sometimes necessarily imposed fines in this area and the two-day detention after his arrest in connection with the attempt of sexual acts with children, delinquierte the Convicted person during the procedure.

Again, he was with the road traffic law in conflict and suffered an unconditional fine of 100 daily rates and a fine of 100 francs.

The Zurich high court found for the 30-year-old man, therefore, no positive forecast in terms of its behavior on the Road. And also for offences against sexual integrity it was a bad legal prognosis. Neither of the prior convictions even more stable conditions of life had taught the man Better.

The Federal court supports this view. The overall picture does not allow for a positive prognosis and, therefore, a conditional sentence of imprisonment is excluded. No longer the carpenter had challenged a ban on professional and organised extra-professional activities with children, which had pronounced the Supreme court.

The man had agreed to meet in September 2016 on an Internet platform with one of the girls to perform sexual acts. When the man arrived at the meeting place, he was arrested by the city police of Zurich. The supposed girl was a man. (Judgment 6B_154/2019 from the 29.04.2019)