Already at the start of the fatigue tests and in an interim balance sheet, we had reported how digital and how networked the new Mercedes A-class has become: Yes, that’s right, a system failure of the brilliant and glare-free XL-monitors, there was already – but many, with every kilometre is still a smart looking Features such as the traffic light zoom (saves on the red light, the Head-turning) or quasi-request-configurable instruments the is quite easy to forget.

Especially since “our” A 250 is not only digital, but also analog, a fun – maker simply because he is driving really well. The travel book speaks volumes: no other long-term test car accumulates so quickly kilometers. On the one hand, the A-class of 4.42 meters in length is ideal to scurry through City and Agglo and into Parking spaces. On the other hand, you are on narrow winding roads with the shaken degree of sportiness easy mood. And on top of that, and so we had not expected – is the ground connected, but never painful suspension together with a great noise isolation on long-haul routes as a class.

Fun in spite of Wellness

The driving modes (series, optional with adjustable damping) are as smooth as a obsolete: The reason for voting like us in such a way that we land after a bit of Back and Forth between “Eco” and “Sport” at the end always in “Comfort”, because to actually do a lot with comfort, but still “Fun” could mean.

Runs instead of drinks

The “our” A 250, as a (still traction safe) front-wheel drive car without 4Matic (all wheel drive) ordered thanks to the Golden motors-middle: so Far, the 224 turbocharged horses are content in the continuous run of 7.2 l/100 km, which is the commencement for your hearty and your shooting pleasure, as well as the cool, but never Intrusive Sound appears to be justified. Alone the occasional bumpy roads make the dual-clutch-automatic machines in Stop-and-Go traffic would be a real need for optimization.

Our verdict: A bargain, the – is of us for the purpose of in-depth Test of course, with almost all the Extras such as excellent Matrix LED light in service, stainless, compact, sure not. But this is also a everyday mobile, in which one involuntarily thinks: More car is needed in life, not really.

2.0-R4-turbo-diesel, 224 HP, 350 Nm from 1800 rpm 7-speed DCT automatic, front-wheel drive
drive performance from 0 to 100 km/h is 6.2 s, top 250 km/h
mass length/width/height 4,42/1,80/1,46 m, weight 1455 kg, Cargo space 370 to 1210 l
environmental plant/test fuel consumption 6.7/7.2 l/100 km = 153/172 g/km of CO2, energy G
price from 46’500, test car incl. Options 63’319 Fr.; The base model is A 160 (109 HP/6-speed) from 34’500 Fr.