MOSCOW, may 4 — RIA Novosti. French electronic Duo Daft Punk for the first time in ten years to write the music for the film. They will work on a new movie, Italian film Director Dario Argento Glasses Black (“Black glasses”), reports IndieWire.

According to the Director, the Duo already wrote the music for the crime drama and will soon send demo. Dario Argento is planning that the participants of the Daft Punk come to Italy as soon as it is safe to do the project.

the Last time the band wrote the soundtrack in 2010. He entered the sci-Fi Thriller Disney studios “Tron: Legacy”.

New tracks by Daft Punk not too long ago released. Their latest album “Random access memories” was presented in 2013. For the record, they received three Grammy awards in the categories “album of the year”, “Best dance album” and “Best engineering non-classical album”.

Dario Argento (79 years old) is a classic of Italian cinema in the horror genre. The most famous among his works are: the movie “Suspiria” (1977) — the first part of a trilogy about “the Three mothers”, a sci-Fi action movie “Dawn of the dead” (1978), “Dracula 3D” (2012), based on the novel by Bram Stoker, and others.