Now, the Swiss retailers to be politically active. Your first action: a motion of censure, this week, submitted by SVP national councillor Franz Grüter (LU, 55). IT entrepreneur makes to the Federal Council that the Federal government provides as the owner of the Post for equal level playing field for domestic and foreign online retailers.

“If the Federal Council wants to do something against the high price island Switzerland, as he announces always, then he can worry about now, at the very least, that it is not a letter format island is more,” says Grüter.

letters from China may be heavier and thicker.

The Problem of the Online retailers lies in the different Rates for letters and packages.

In the domestic letters posted must not exceed a maximum weight and a maximum thickness, in order to be transported to the Swiss Post. Shipments that are thicker than two inches and heavier than a kilogram, be taken only as a package. Unless – and many not – that-thick and heavy small consignments of goods coming from abroad!

the online retailer from China and, in particular, from developing countries are allowed to send according to the international contracts of the world postal Union (Universal Postal Union, UPU) deliveries of up to two kilograms and up to 90 centimetres in circumference at a lower Letter rate to Switzerland. Of the Swiss Post, you will be treated as packages – which is, according to Post spokeswoman Léa Wertheimer the “most efficient channel.”

Swiss merchants pay Twice or three times

The fare differences for the foreign retailer, attractive. So-called small consignments of goods from China, about Aliexpress, cost about 2.30 francs. For comparison: A Swiss dealer pays for comparable deliveries of up to 2 kilograms, the two-to three-fold.

“it is Clear that for us this is annoying as a Swiss online retailer,” says Patrick Kessler (50), President of the Association des Schweizerischen versandhandels (VSV). Are affected also, and especially, the customers of the Swiss Online mail-order houses, such as brackish, Galaxus, or micro-spot: this is because the retailers pass on the cost of shipping to the clientele. According to Kessler, could be sent in the case of equal treatment, an estimated 50 to 60 percent of today’s packages are cheaper.

customers are doubly punished

The customers could not only benefit from lower shipping costs, but also lower prices, if the Swiss mail-order houses in the exploding E-Commerce would be compared to the foreign competition more competitive.

The collective advantage favors this Alone, the approximately 23 million small consignments of goods that were sent in 2018 under the UPU rates from Asia to Switzerland, the Swiss dealers at a competitive disadvantage in the total value of 50 million Swiss francs.