again, the SBB-Pannenzug FV-Dosto Bombardier creates problems. Around 200 passengers had to endure on Saturday due to a vehicle fault for almost an hour on the train. The inter-Regio 13 started in the morning in Chur. From there, you should travel via St. Gallen to Zurich.

“Against 11.20 o’clock the train left the train station in Rorschach, SG. A short time later, it has rumbled suddenly. The train to an abrupt halt and the main lights went out. It was as if someone had pulled the emergency brake,” reports an eye-reader reporters.

evacuation took place almost an hour later

Shortly thereafter, the Information sounds: There is a technical Problem with the train. The driver attempts to fix the Problem. “Meanwhile, the air conditioning went on and off”, so the reader reporter. About a quarter of an hour later it is reported that a reboot of the train did not work.

After 45 minutes is clear: The train can not continue. “Through the loudspeaker we were informed that a Replacement bus was organised for the route to Goldach SG. In the middle of the train, the staff opened the doors and asked us to arranged on this output to get out.”

When all the passengers are in the Bus, he goes off to Goldbach, where you then on the S-Bahn can require. With a delay of about 1.5 hours the VIEWS of the reader reporter arrives in St. Gallen. “I could only laugh about this incident. This is a Problem with the trains of the Bombardier is for us well known. The train crew has been exemplary.”

passengers were given the “Sorry-Checks”

The SBB to the vehicle fault is confirmed, on request of a VIEW. “The train is stopped between Rorschach and Rorschach town on a railway crossing and blocked the route between 11.26 am and 13.16 at,” says the spokesman Daniele Pellecini.

“In such cases, it first tries to start the train again. This usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes”, so Pellecini. Because of the restart have to be brought into this case, but nothing that had been requested a fire – fighting and rescue train. Against 13.15 a restart I works finally, and the train was able to leave before half past two o’clock in itself.

The passengers had already shortly after 12 o’clock evacuated. “As usual in such cases, received the traveller’s so-called Sorry-Checks. The SBB apologize for the circumstances.”

Pannenzug not only in Switzerland problems

Also, Deutsche Bahn has Trouble with your double-Decker trains from Bombardier. At the beginning of June, it was announced that the on-Board electronics is also preparing to there problems (EYES reported). In Switzerland, there are also always new problems. The Latest relates to the train driver. Because the Bombardier trains have been six years late, need to be trained 60 drivers again.