Lewis Hamilton stands in front of his sixth world title. Now the Briton but off the track for eddy. Only after the GP in Japan Hamilton on Instagram wrote of his Regret about current events in the world. “The world is a broken place. It makes me sad when I think about where this world is heading,” he writes. He thinks of the protection of species, the pollution and the climate crisis.

Hamilton criticized the consumption of meat. To be a vegan, was “the only way to save our planet”, had Hamilton recently announced. A statement that Fernando Alonso is not appreciated. This is what happened to the Spanish radio station “Cadena Cope”.

“the formula-1-driver take 200 flights a year. Then you can’t say: “I don’t eat meat”,” says the Spanish Motorsport legend. “We all know what a Lifestyle Lewis,” said Alonso on.

in 2007, the two team-mates at McLaren-Mercedes. Today seems Alonso really to speak so well to Hamilton. “I would never spread such messages, such as Lewis. You can’t do in a day say one thing, and on the other the opposite,” says the two-time world champion.

Alonso blames Hamilton, therefore, hypocrisy. The last word in this debate is certainly not yet spoken … (red)