the Bleak Outlook for the pensioners of the day after tomorrow: The continuing low interest rate environment of young people, threatens a third of the pension Fund to make wegzufressen credit. This shows a forecast for the yield development of the 2. Column.

The Online comparison service, Comparis compared assumptions, the development of pension Fund balance under different rate of Return. “Today, 30-Year-old lose in a prolonged interest rate environment, Deep-thirds of your pension Fund capital,” warns financial expert Leo Hug.

yields in free fall,

in the last decade, yields are melted on pension assets final. The real average annual rate of return on PF deposits since the introduction of the Compulsory in 1985 was, according to the calculations is 3.6 percent. Since 2008, will be earned on the pension Fund assets, on average, only 2.8 per cent real rate of return.

The future looks even worse: For the calculation of future retirement assets Comparis for today 30 adopted-Year-old three rate of return scenarios in the case of an insured annual income of 80’000 Swiss francs up to the ordinary retirement age.

Based on the interest rate situation from the past, so an average real return of 3.6 per cent – could be a 30-Year-old thus, a pension Fund in the retirement age of 687 000 francs to pay off. The yield is only 2.8 percent (as in the last ten years), would it still 599’000 Swiss francs.

Instead of 700’000, only 460’000 Swiss francs balance

But Hug warns: “Also a return of 2.8 per cent is unrealistic for the future.” He is a long-term real rate of return of the pension Fund, funds of 1.2 percent. The results for today, 30-Year-old when you Reach 65 years of age, a previously accumulated pension assets of only 463’000 Swiss francs – a third less than the previous average yield of 3.6 percent.

all The more urgent is the private Pension provision. “Those who can afford it, should be able to compensate for the lower retirement savings in pillar 3a”, proposes Hug. Per year you can Deposit 6826 francs in the pillar 3a and the of the deduct taxes. To little, to find Comparis. And requests that the annual increase in the maximum Deposit on a 11’800 francs.

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