it Is a sign of decline or simply a Symptom of the Transformation? The remains of the observer.

the fact is: The world Bank, UBS closes place the switch business at their prestigious location at the Zurich parade. The Bank’s blog “Inside Paradeplatz” writes.

Banking is now a digital

UBS confirmed the opposite VIEW and calls this “changing customer behavior” as the reason. In English: more and more E-Banking, less deposits, a higher cost pressure. Changes as a result of the digitisation, as in the case of all other banks.

Important: unlike Credit Suisse, UBS has its headquarters at the Paradeplatz, but two minutes walk to the Bahnhofstrasse 45. The big Bank has opened only at the end of last year after three years of construction, a magnificent Palace, and now focuses her switch activities.

Earlier, the Bank Association was there

as of the end of June will be on the parade-ground circuit. It is the end of an epoch: the former the Bank club had its Zurich headquarters–, after the merger with the Bank to form UBS in 1998, this company took over the building. And now takes a further step to deprive him of the importance.

selling plans there but no, says the Bank. According to “Inside Paradeplatz” had been removed in the Lift all the panels for the second and third floor. These are also for conversations with customers. Now they were empty. UBS said on request, the ground floor will continue to be used for consultations on appointment as well as the second floor. The third floor will be used for internal purposes. What that means, exactly, remains unclear. (kst)