thousands of campers are on the way back from Spain to home: Due to the Coronavirus, the camping will have to close the courts. IMAGE has all the info and tips for the journey home!

By the Coronavirus and the accompanying precautions, are now also affected Camper in Spain. 50 000 German normally spend the Winter in the sun of the Iberian Peninsula. Thousands of Dutch, French and British as well as Swiss, the vast majority in the pension age.

However, with the Sunny Idyll it is since a few days past. 26. March 2020 will have to close in Spain, all of the accommodation options for tourists. Reason for the exception condition, in which the country is because of the Coronavirus is. The government decree includes everything from the Hotel over the apartment to the campsite.

A handful of places, with the exception of permits for permanent campers there are to be in the country. There, the most stringent conditions shall apply, and community facilities such as sanitary facilities may not be used. The majority of the space operator sends her guests home. New guests since the 18th century. March is no longer accepted.

Complete the house stands and the elderly

the departure is said for many of the affected Camper’s easier said than done. Finally, you don’t usually come for several months to Spain and Parking just anywhere in your motorhome or your caravan.