On Monday, the Federal Council has requested Parliament to an extraordinary Session. Not without reason: Neither the 42 billion dollar economic package for the use of up to 800 members of the army may determine, the state government alone. You must get the blessing of Parliament – even if only retrospectively.

And now, the Federal Council gets support from the Council of States. 28 – more than half – of the Canton of representatives have filed Wednesday a request for an extraordinary Session to hold, only to the Corona-crisis.

Parliament has responsibility. perceive

The idea comes from the Solothurn CVP-Ständerat Pirmin Bischof (61)”The Parliament must also perceive a crisis in its area of responsibility and the separation of powers is maintained,” he says to VIEW. Especially since the Federal Council had interfered with the Corona-regulations quite deep into the personal freedoms of the population and the economy. “The Parliament must quickly create legal certainty, which should in the longer term shall apply. This should be fast, but with a steady Hand and not rushing to be done.”

Bishop was not only in his own party, but also in the SVP, FDP, SP and Green supporters. The Ständeräte because not all of it, just a quick meet to just billion in loans and arms use a ‘rubber stamp’, such as the traditional Ausserrhoden FDP councillor Andrea Caroni (39) says: “We need a wider discussion. At least the economy and the health Commission have to days.”

at the beginning of may would fit – but where?

How and where the Session will take place, leaves open the application. The Ständeräte but have an idea. Instead of the already scheduled special session in the beginning of may, the Corona-Session is to take place. And of course, Hygiene – and-distance rules of the Federal government, should be respected. The Federal house as the venue, thus, is ever: The national Council would have to safely move. Maybe in a tent on the Federal court, as the SP-group chief Roger Nordmann (47) has suggested?


The Coronavirus currently holds the world in suspense. Many countries are taking measures such as Closing schools or limiting public events, to prevent the spread. In Switzerland, too, the grass, the Virus magnetized. All of the current information and Figures around the topic there is in the Coronavirus-Ticker.

measures against Coronavirus

The Federal Council ranks at 16. In March, the Situation in Switzerland according to a new extraordinary location epidemic law. It allows the Federal Council, in all the cantons of uniform measures to be arranged. Previously, he has informed the cantons on this step. From the age of 17. March, at midnight, the following rules apply:

Public and private events are prohibited.All the shops, Restaurants and Bars are up on the 19. April 2020 closed.The same applies to entertainment and leisure establishments such as museums, libraries, cinemas, concert and theatre houses, sports centres, swimming pools and ski resorts are closed. Likewise, plants are being closed, in which the
keep a safe distance cannot be maintained, such as hairdressing salons or cosmetic studios.Except under others food stores and the health facilities.The supply of the entire population with food, medicines and Goods of daily use is assured: There are plenty of created supplies.Food shops, Take-aways, staff canteens, delivery services for meals and pharmacies will remain open, as will gas stations, railway stations, banks, post offices, Hotels, public administration and social facilities.Also workshops for the means of transport can remain open.Entry into Switzerland is drastically restricted to the boundary, introduced controls.To support the cantons in the hospitals, in terms of logistics and in the area of security, the Federal Council has approved the use of up to 8000 members of the army. The civil protection is offered.The Federal Council continues to call on all citizens: “keep your distance can save lives!”The Federal Council dispensed with for the time being lock to a General output. The spread of the Coronavirus is from the curb, he has tightened rules for the contact. Groups of more than five passenger buses of 100 Swiss francs per Person threaten.Employers in the construction industry and in the industry are also required, the recommendations of the Federal government to Hygiene and to the distance to keep. Companies that do not comply should be closed.The economy gets more money: With 32 billion Swiss francs, the Federal Council decides on probably the biggest economic stimulus package of Swiss history. A total of about 40 billion francs are available. I have the corona virus or just the flu?

The Coronavirus spreads further – also in Switzerland. Especially in the flu season, you can assess for yourself whether one is ill with the Coronavirus, or whether you just have an ordinary flu. The differences are subtle, but they exist. VIEWS is defined.