Berlin – The Tegel airport for a temporary closure threatens the Corona-crisis. “I’m not here to give the promise, that, for example, Tegel or other facility of the airport will not be closed temporarily,” said Berlin’s Finance Senator Matthias Kollatz (SPD) on Wednesday in the main Committee of the Berlin house of representatives. Earlier, rbb had reported about it.

criticism of the FDP, said Kollatz: “In the crisis of your time, please do so, as we can throw each month, two-digit million amounts out, just because we are in love in Tegel.” From group circles, it is said, is currently being tested on how quickly the airport operating company would be exempt from the Operator requirement.

Berlin’s Finance Senator Matthias Kollatz (62, SPD) photo: Annette Riedl / dpa

The rest of the flight traffic would be rerouted in the event of a closure to Schönefeld. It is unclear whether the Federal government, as a shareholder of a company stop in Tegel convince. Because of the government start the plane.

Background of the Considerations are the numbers massive collapse in passenger by more than 90 percent. Kollatz spoke of double-digit losses in the millions. “The corona crisis hits, the airports hard”, it was also by the airport company.