It was an Express wish of Lady Diana (†36), their daughters-in-law to meet. “I want all my jewellery will be passed on to my sons. Their women are to receive it from time to time and wear,” said the mother of Prince William (36) and Harry (34) in a Letter. The was Duchess Meghan (37), even on your wedding day follow: At your Hand an aquamarine Ring of Diana flashed a extremely clear homage to the Queen of hearts. You will see in the future to Meghans fingers, because he comes from the personal possession of Lady Di.

“want to What Meghan gets Meghan.”

Otherwise it looks in the future, the jewelry of Queen Elizabeth (92): According to British media reports, Meghan no longer allowed to wear the jewelry from the Royal collection. A damper for Meghan, whose personal relationship to the Queen is considered to be friendly. What amuses your Majesty, but, apparently, the challenging nature of the newest member of the Royal family. Meghan wanted to wear for the wedding of a certain Tiara with emeralds, the Queen informed her, but with a different headdress. Husband Harry raged with the now legendary sentence: “What does Meghan get Meghan.”

Diana and Kate took the Royal jewels famous

but it is not always so. Because the Royal coffers were originally only for Diana and, later, Kate, accessible at any time – a privilege that is reserved exclusively for the wives of the heir to the throne. With their public appearances, the Ladies made the jewelry from the Royal Treasury of famous. The 400-year-old collection to accommodate about a Million pieces, part of which is passed on from one Generation to the next. Including many gems that have graced Diana once fall. The Queen closes the Royal cover right now for Meghan, could inflame the dispute between the Royal sisters-in-law.

The birth of a special piece of jewelry

Currently, Meghan is busy anyway with other things: The birth of your first baby is imminent. Husband Harry is it her with a special piece of jewelry thank.