the Duchess Meghan (37) is used as a former actress great performances. On your trip to Morocco, the high pregnant women are, however, noticeably slow. On a Video shared on the official channel of the British Royals, to see how she lets her husband Prince Harry (34) all alone on a red carpet. You will pass the side of the carpet is extremely anxious for him to enter under any circumstances.

Why was Meghan on the red carpet?

In the case of Instagram there is a barrage of prompt questions to the bizarre appearance: “Why has Harry left his pregnant wife back? Why couldn’t she step on the carpet?” According to the “Gala” is due to this strange Moment, the Royal Protocol. Prince Harry is my duty to salute the Moroccan honor guard and the troops had to wait because of delays of two hours on Meghan and the Prince. Meghan had not this duty apparently.

criticism of the Duchess

For a User is quite clear: “Prince Harry should never participate in an event at the his wife behind him on the red carpet must go.” But not only Harry’s behavior in the criticism. Also Meghan is precisely The red Valentino eyed: dress, Meghan combined with a skin-coloured shoes and a Clutch, in the case of the British not good at all.

Because the Outfit cost about 5700 francs. And, after the Duchess stand just for your expensive Baby Party in New York in the criticism. The Outfit, the excellent seems to be, however quickly when Meghan arrived, today they showed up in a striped top with dark trousers and a loose jacket. (euc)

On the 19. May 2018 married the American actress Meghan Markle, and Prince Harry of Wales. But who is the woman who has captured the heart of the Royals? In the news Ticker to Meghan Markle we will keep you informed of the eventful life of the Duchess to date.