From the freshly baked parents Duchess Meghan (37) and Prince Harry (34), it is expected that you Baby Archie who was born in may, in the course of the summer baptisms. At baptism, you need to keep, according to the “Mirror” to a strict Protocol that dictates the clothes of the baby.

Duchess Kate (37) and Prince William (37) adhered to the strict rules and traditions, when they decide to baptize their children, Prince George (5), Princess Charlotte (4) and Prince Louis (1). So all three children were wearing the official christening gowns of the Royals. It is not a fancy new Outfit for Baby Archie, but a much-worn, traditional lace dress.

Archie has to wear a Lace christening gown

He is dressed in a replica of the silk and lace taufkleides, and wearing all Royal babies since 1841. The Original was commissioned by Queen Victoria for her daughter Victoria and of 62 Royal babies – including the Queen – used. After so much wear and tear through the little Royals the dress was affected. In 2008, a copy of the original was made. Since then, this dress will be used.

both Harry and Meghan need to use for your Baby, the baptismal font, used for decades for all of the Royal babies. The “Lily Font” like the dress since 1841, when the Baptize is used. It consists of gilded silver and is decorated with flowers, ivy and cherubs. Also the Royal coat of arms of Queen Victoria and the joint Royal arms of Victoria and Prince Albert – Archie’s Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-Ur-grandparents – is to be seen on the Royal baptismal font.

Meghan was before the wedding

baptized, The baptism is for the Royal family is of the utmost importance. Also Meghan was baptized in order to marry Prince Harry. Two months prior to the dream wedding in may of last year the current Duchess of Sussex, the Church of England is joined. It was, however, not a condition for the royale wedding. Meghan is supposed to have voluntarily and out of respect for the Queen decided to take this step.

Recently it became known: Queen Elizabeth II (93) is attending the baptism of her great-grandson Baby Archie well – allegedly, because they had other meetings. It is not the first Time the Queen missed the important ceremony of one of their great-grandchildren. (euc)