Prince William (36) and his brother Prince Harry (34) to have a dispute. Clues abound: The extract from Harry and his high-pregnant wife, Duchess Meghan, from the common home with William and Duchess Kate (37), the to can not stand, under – cooled appearance of the brothers in the common Events and also the duchesses.

The dispute between the brothers wants to put Duchess Kate, according to the “Mirror” like. “Kate knows exactly how important it is that William and Harry get along with each other – not only because of the public perception, but also because of their collective responsibility to the monarchy as a whole,” explained a source to the British newspaper “Daily Mirror”.

30 minutes of tea, to Reconcile

Kate’s efforts to improve the under-cooled to a ratio of the Prince again, Harry prompted William and his wife after mass on Easter Sunday for the tea invite. Only 30 minutes have taken up with all the chatter in the enjoyment of the hot beverage. If this brought the Prince to each other really?

On Thursday showed Prince Harry and his sister-in-law Kate, together at an Event. The two seemed so familiar and close friends as ever. You laughed at the dispute of the brothers – or tried to.

Kate and Harry still tight,

friends, A body language expert explained the newspaper “Daily Mail” that the friendship between Harry and Kate had not changed because of the dispute of the brothers. “The way Harry kept Easter with Kate, and this is congruent and authentic-looking Demonstration of ongoing friendship, that the friendship of the arguments is not affected.” (euc)