Teacher “full House” Regina Dubovitskaya in an interview with “the Source” said that the show will not close, because she still likes viewers and a high rating.

“We hold the channel because of the fact that our program high ratings,” explained Dubovitskaya.

She added that since 1994, the audience always meet Old New year “full House” and this year nothing will change. The presenter assured that the artists are preparing big celebration.

Dubovitskaya admitted that keeps their artists to be “tight rein” and gives no special favors, even so the stars of “full House”, Vladimir Vinokur, Klara Novikova, and they all understand it. “If the room is good, then everything is fine. But if there is something wrong, as I believe, it is removed,” —said TV presenter. However, she admitted that she is the easiest to work with distiller.

Informed comedian Elena Sparrow criticized the “Notice” and called the program “saskarnes format”. According to the artist, when she is in the hall during the recording of the concert and looks brand new, it’s hard for her to squeeze out even a smile. For this, said the Joker, later, the organizers of the show criticize it.

“Full house” — a Comedy show, which aired in 1987. All this time is Regina Dubovitskaya. “Notice” was made by Vladimir Vinokur, Sergei Drobotenko, Klara Novikova, Elena Vorobey, Yuri Galtsev, Svyatoslav Yeshchenko, Igor Mamenko, Mikhail Zadornov and many other famous comedians.