Dual power and bloodshed. Exclusive Alexander Rogatkin from Libya

the VGTRK Correspondent Alexander Rogatkin has been working in Libya, where ongoing bloody confrontation in the conditions of dual power. The army of General Haftarot besieged capital Tripoli, and all agreements on the truce are not working. Shoot from both sides. His story — from the zone where the journalists are very dangerous, but because they are not there.

If you fly from the coast inland, we can see how changing the paint on the map of Libya. First is the green olive and orange groves. Then under the wing appear beige mountains with terraces cultivated fields. And finally, space to the horizon fill the yellow dunes of the vast Sahara desert.

Suddenly appear among the sand standing in a number of jet fighters surrounded by dilapidated concrete hangars. Beneath us is the largest airbase of Gaddafi in Joffre, which in 2011 bombed NATO aircraft. Burned the barracks and a few hangars. Almost all of the MiG-25 and Tu-22 bombers survived the attack, but was unable to survive the revolution and the ensuing devastation. Designed and built Gopro Soviet engineers, and because even among the Sands of the Libyan desert there are inscriptions in Russian.

Look how thick was the gate to these hangars. More than a meter of solid concrete. However, this is neither Gaddafi nor his army not saved. And this is the tails from the burnt last year transport Il-76, which belonged to the Ukrainian company. Ukrainian crews carry basic cargo in a war-torn country. Fly on the other side, and this. They complain only that the salary delays.

Two of the burned Il worked on the army of the Haftarot. They were destroyed in the Joffre drone. Another Ukrainian Il-76 first flew for the government of Tripoli after a flight from Turkey, he is burned at the airport in Misrata with the help of a drone the Libyan national army (LNA). Ammunition, which was carrying Ukrainian plane exploded overnight.

Ukrainian pilots are asked not to show their faces, theto how working in Africa for 25 years, were taken to Angola and the Congo is such a variety of cargoes, crews have been interested in and Interpol, and the CIA. On an old, battered An-26, good-natured Ukrainian crew helped us to reach the capital of warring Libya.

We are in Tripoli. The capital for several months besieging the Libyan national army. Advance units of Marshal of the Haftarot captured the southern suburbs and several kilometers deep into the city itself. Now declared a truce, the offensive of the Libyan army does not.

“We respect the truce and do not break. And the opponents break! 24 hours a day they are bombing with artillery,” said Moatasem al-Aguri, the unit commander of the LDF.

On all fronts, which passes through residential areas, and then break out of the shooting and opened fire from all calibers. The enemy, who himself, and asked for a truce for two months, got stronger, gained strength and now here and there trying to dislodge fighters of the Libyan national army from the occupied positions.

the Militia said that in the houses opposite the entrenched mercenaries. Walid al-Flagi — the field commander of the Libyan national army. He wears dreadlocks and very popular recently in the middle East, the Russian form of “Hill”, the sight of which makes Islamic terrorists from Syria to spread panicky rumors about hotels in Tripoli the Russian. Walid sincerely wonders why all defeated in the middle East, ISIS is now part of the army of the so-called national consensus government.

“Islam is a religion of peace, honest, but they warped. People who have bad thoughts, thoughts about terrorism is far from religion. It is not a religion,” — said Walid.

In this war used weaponry from all over the world old — still Soviet — tanks to modern UAVs from different countries. It’s that Italian self-propelled gun of large caliber destroyed precise missile strike from a drone.

Commanders of the Libyan army says that the truce prevented to surround Tripoli — the coast was only 8 kilometers.

“Our enemies are many times violated the truce. They used it for troop training. Plus gained support from Turkey, she brought them different weapons,” said Mohamed al-Mabruk, the commander of the Western district of the LNA.

Despite the truce, the enemy continues to fire. And he leads his civilian targets. Literally that night, was hit by rockets multiple rocket launchers on the former Libyan neurosurgical centre, it is now a hospital. Missiles, on which there are inscriptions in Latin, did not reach the hospital just a few meters, leaving a huge crater.

Not long ago destroyed the local school “Gordonia”. Miraculously no one was killed. “Our school was bombed with missiles, we ran out of it. Then it was closed for five days. There are no military — only civil. Why are they bombing us?” said one of the students.

Early here boys and girls studied in different buildings, but after the devastating attack of all transferred into a single new school. The Director dissatisfied. “Pupils all together. Because of this, problems arise. Girls consistently miss lessons, the boys too. I’m afraid of missiles and mines. I ask Allah to keep our children and our country Libya,” said one of the teachers.

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