René Rast breaks off short, mid-sentence. He is distracted. His Son. The three-year-old left his toy car in the entire downstairs whiz. Locking laughs. Well, Interviews in times of corona crisis are just a little different. Normally, I would have been driving a little more than a week with him in Hockenheim on the test, his Audi RS 5 DTM and the goals for the season spoken. The sports things, the anticipation, the title defense. Now it’s on the phone in the first line to a novel Virus, to output restrictions, Fears, Worries. The everyday life of the DTM Champions, which is not at all commonplace.

grid lives with his family in Bregenz, on lake Constance. There, where others spend their holidays. In Austria, where there is already a little longer than in Germany, an output restriction. Chancellor Sebastian takes a Short at the neighbors rigorously. “You notice that each of the requirements such as the minimum or the prohibition of Contact on it, and has internalized”, so raster IMAGE.

Surreal is the Whole anyway, especially in a place that thrive starts this time of year in General. Symptomatic of the mood of The dance festival “Bregenzer frühling” was relocated due to Corona in the autumn. Grid reveals: “Normally, everything here is always full, there are traffic jams, people go through the city, take a stroll at the lake of Constance, especially with the nice weather currently. Now nothing is going on but. If you drive through Bregenz, it is like a Ghost town.”

How he is as a father of a family, the corona crisis? How as a racing driver: meticulous and analytical. What can be a real tangible danger of advantage. “There’s no question that living in uncertainty,” he says. However, grid informs on a daily basis and intensively about the disease, which is spreading in Europe and now also in the US.
“You have to look at the corona crisis realistic: no one knows how long this go, and everyone must ensure that we have as little contamination as possible, and the curve does not flatten, not to overload the health system and to save as many people as possible,” says Rast. Too much Worry? Brings nothing. “This is like a rocking chair: You don’t move forward come. The direction In which it develops also, you should be prepared.”

René Rast will as soon as possible photo: Dan Istitene /

And thoughts of to he power, therefore, of course. The Motorsport world is at a standstill. The DTM has been postponed to the first half of the season, will start in mid-July on the norisring in the new season. If at all, because the plans are not set in stone, as in all areas in these times. And how it goes in Motorsport in General, after the crisis, too, can say no one before.

raster thoughtfully: “of Course, I wonder where the journey with the DTM, go with the Motorsport in General. What happens if I look in this season at all, no more race to go and the Motorsport world in 2021 is quite different?” But he knows that he can not do, in the end, a lot of. His Motto: “panic brings nothing, it makes nothing better.”

grid sees the Positive: “I spend a lot of time with the family, which I enjoy very much. I’m also making every day a sports, spent a lot of time on the bike. I have been training now since January and feel like I’m going to steadily better,” he says. And to be clear: The 33-Year-old with mixed with his Simulator, he has for several years, regularly in the Sim Racing. “But not too much, otherwise there’s Trouble with my wife,” he laughs.