The good harvest expected winemakers in the autumn. Without Frost in the spring and, thanks to heat and drought, the grapes remained healthy and had a high sugar content, wrote the Federal office for agriculture (foag) on Tuesday. Two weeks earlier than the average, the Reading began.

The great harvest of 2018 was 12.6 percent higher than the Ten-year comparison. Were consumed a total of 244 million litres of wine, 2.2 percent less than in 2017. The are about 38 0.75-Liter bottles per head. Imports declined slightly. Swiss drop came on a market share of 36.6 percent.

The areas with vines were last year, with just under 14’712 hectares, roughly the same size as 2017. On white varieties, 43 percent of the total area accounted for, on red 57 percent. The most important wine-growing Canton of the Valais. Behind the Vaud, Geneva and Ticino follow.

The harvest of a difficult wine year 2017, the lowest since 40 years, with 79 million liters, such as the foag. Because even in the years 2013 to 2015 less juice of the grape was harvested, the wine stocks in Switzerland are little.

During 2018, more Swiss Red and white wine was consumed, were asked to foreign drops of less. The lower range of Swiss wines had not been with imports compensated, writes the foag. The Federal Agency interprets this as a sign of changing consumption habits in Switzerland.

Increasingly popular sparkling wine is, however. 19.4 million litres were consumed, the means according to the foag, a new all-time high. The Trend for sparkling wine, was already in the previous years. (SDA)