Since Saturday apply in Bavaria, far-reaching output restrictions, nationwide, a more stringent restriction of social contact activity since Sunday. Whether these measures lead to the desired result, it was disagreement prevails in the population.

But a study from Hong Kong confirmed that the restrictions of everyday life the right way, as well as a virologist Christian Drosten of the Charité hospital in Berlin in the NDR Podcast “The Coronavirus-Update,” explained.

“The summit of the Virus must be before the first Tag”

this study examined the point in time when Corona-patient infectious, so when the Virus is transferable. “Even before the symptoms with them or after them – this is important,” says Drosten. To patients in Munich had been found in a German study, that the concentration of the Virus in the throat if it is established that the disease decreases significantly. “That means,” says Drosten: “The summit of the Virus must be before the first day”.

The virologist recalls: “The old SARS-Coronavirus, we were able to contain it, because it’s infectious, it was only long after symptom onset to correct the average patient.” This is not the case of the current pandemic, the case. Quite to the contrary.

Transmission of Coronavirus begins before the onset of the disease

The study from Hong Kong underlines the Munich-based findings and research. In 77 couples, the had is proven to each other, and it was investigated when Person A, the symptoms began and when at Person B.

The result is: The so-called serial interval is 5.2 to 5.8 days. Interesting: The average incubation period for COVID-19 is also 5.2 days.

“This tells us that the average Patient waits just as long for symptoms after the infection, he can transmit the infection,” says Drosten. “This does not mean that we have only on the day of symptom onset a start of Transmission, but in front of it.”

44 percent have been infected prior to its own outbreak of the disease already in other

, The physician clarifies the results: “The infectivity starts in the middle of 2.5 days before the onset of symptoms.” And: “44 percent of all infection events have occurred before the Infected person was at all sick.” imago images/Christian Mang The Pariser Platz before the Brandenburg gate is almost empty of people.

you mean: Many Corona-Infected infect others, if you know nothing of their own infection.

This establishes that The social distancing, the source and the contact restriction is absolutely the right way to curb the pandemic.

Because before Sufferers notice their symptoms at all, have you infected in a everyday life of several people. Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease, FOCUS Online/Wochit Where is Coronavirus? Real-time map showing the spread of the disease Corona and we

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