Information on the state of water, reported the State Agency of water resources of Ukraine. The experts stated that the last five years have been very dry and there is the risk of water scarcity “in the basins of some rivers, which have a significant anthropogenic load”. As a first response to a potential threat to the national security Council proposes to conduct a complete inventory of all underground sources and artesian wells of the country in order to their connections to the water supply.

Although the problem of the national security Council believes the potential in agricultural regions of the South it is referred to as about the ongoing disaster. “In addition to the challenges associated with the epidemic of the coronavirus, Odessa region is on the verge of another critical and very dangerous situation – the death of half a million hectares of winter crops due to the drought. More than half of all crops in the region. Farmers say such a drought in the Odessa region was not hungry since 1947,” he wrote in his Facebook Governor Maksim Kuts.

According to Kuts, the future grain harvest this year at the region to be three times smaller than the previous one – a total of 1.2 million tons compared to 3.7 million in 2019. All in all Ukraine this year runs the risk of losing about a third of the harvest to 15 million tons.

as the support the Governor asked from the government not helping the shift to drip irrigation, and additional financing and banking benefits to prevent bankruptcy of agricultural enterprises.

Ukrainian scientists say that drought in Ukraine will become an annual phenomenon, and suggest to farmers to either get a system of drip irrigation, which is expensive and is associated with a lot of bureaucratic obstacles, or to grow drought-resistant varieties of grain or even exotic, peculiar to the African climate plants.