Chinese tourist who dropped the phone into the river while fishing, found it serviceable eight months later. His story publishes Daily Mail.

a Man surnamed Zhou lost a camera in September 2019, when fished with a friend in Guizhou province. The Chinese did not immediately notice the loss and realized that I had dropped phone, only when I came ashore.

“I thought I would never be able to find it. Because the water in the river was very muddy,” he added. However eight months later he received a call from a stranger who said that he found it device.

As it turned out, a local fisherman found the phone at the bottom after the water level in the river fell. On the back under the cover he saw a business card Zhou and decided to tell him about the discovery.

When the client received the device back, he was extremely surprised that it works. He noted that he even managed to retrieve the photos from that trip, in which he was lost.

In April, British tourists could get photos from the camera, which they lost during their wedding journey that occurred a year and a half ago. They dropped a waterproof camera Hero 4 Go Pro in the sea in April 2018 and are unable to find it because of big waves. After 18 months the camera on the bottom near the resort of Punta Cana found 36-year-old Ryan Friday Swann (Ryan Friday-Swann) involved in Snorkelling activities.