drones are more and more. By means of artificial intelligence, drones can take over without human assistance on complex tasks. Their economic potential is attracting investors and buyers from all areas. So also the arms industry. Because of the international competition of armaments giant Lockheed Martin could now drone technology from Switzerland. The “Neue Zürcher Zeitung”.

The drone competition: The Alpha Pilot Innovation Challenge to improve the “brain” of drones. Self-flying drones compete with each other. It’s going to be a prize money of one Million dollars. On a 300 Meter-long track, the drone without GPS or human assistance 20 to 30 goals by the need to fly. Without The Claws. Who flies faster than the drone of a professional drone pilot for the American up have to settle for, receives 250’000 Dollar in addition. Where the competition takes place is still a secret. But where the price comes money, is already known. It comes from the US defence company Lockheed Martin.

battle of the drones

The drones that compete against each other, are identical. Only the Software is different. Among the nine finalists for the Swiss. The Team of the Robotics and Perception Group of the University of Zurich was able to qualify. The leader of the team, Professor Davide Scaramuzza, is regarded worldwide as one of the leading specialists when it comes to drones, to incorporate a sense of orientation. A total of 424 Teams have applied from 81 countries.

The competition, Lockheed Martin has created. The group intends to push ahead with the development of the self-employed drones, as he confirmed to the “NZZ”. The drones are to operate in the combating of forest fires, salvage, or even Exploring the universe help. But the core business of Lockheed Martin security and defence – say, police work and war.

students are more valuable than the Software

That the Software of the Swiss Teams will be used for military purposes, holds Professor Scaramuzza is not very realistic, as he says to UZH News. First, the armor group would have to buy a license for the Software from the University of Zurich. Despite the million-sponsorship of Lockheed Martin, has no right to it, all of the Software to view or use. Much more, go to the group to win the world’s best talents as employees. In the context of the competition, high-caliber students can learn to the group as a potential employer to know. (nwa)