The time is running – this is certainly nothing New. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the technology. The S class was the hybrid drive, the pioneer in home Mercedes: 2009 S debut 400 with a 15 kW / 20 HP electric motor was attached directly to the six-cylinder combustion engine with 205 kW / 279 HP, without a separating clutch. At that time, the standard fuel consumption of 7.9 l/100 km and a pure electric range of zero kilometre. The electric motor is stepped in only in a supporting role and was not destined to move the whole burden of the two-ton luxury cruiser. From today’s perspective, the hybrid powertrain was not at the time as an ecological Fig leaf, as you vorfühlt with the big toe in unknown waters.

50 kilometres of electric – then the gasoline engine jumps a

Nine years later, the thing looks quite different. The Mercedes S 560 e has swum free. Instead of a hybrid solution, there is now a Plug-in hybrid, a 270 kW / 367 HP strong six-cylinder petrol engine with 90 kW / 122 kW strong electric motor is combined, which leads to a system output of 350 kW / 476 HP. The electric range? A Maximum Of 50 Kilometres. The fuel consumption of the Mercedes with a 2.6 l/100 km, respectively, of 20.2 kilowatt-hours to the electric motor. In the first test, there were trips to 4.1 l/100 km and 18.9 kilowatt-hours, the electrical drive power was around 37 miles.

Even if the data is to be documented already in progress, it shows the strength of the electrified S-class on the road. Since the electric motor up to more than 130 km/h done the service, with floats it is not only in the city traffic effortlessly in traffic. Thanks to the elaborate insulation there is in the vehicle is incredibly quiet, no engine noise to disturb the quiet, with only tyre noise (quieter) and the honking impatience of the other drivers (louder) penetrate into the interior. The comfort fit is moving through the air suspension of the Mercedes over the Asphalt. After all, the electric drive brings train, including auxiliary units, such as auxiliary heaters, about 300 kilograms on the scale and the total screwed weight of the Mercedes flagship, to around 2.3 tons. After about five hours of the 13.5 kilowatt-hours-batteries are filled again, if you are connected to a household power outlet. press-inform / Mercedes, The trunk volume shrinks to 135 litres to 365 litres

With electric Boost in five seconds to 100

On country roads and motorways relaxed to continue forward is to come. The maximum system torque of 700 Newton meters is of course not entirely innocent. “The petrol engine, the electric motor mainly to Boost, so to support”, explains Dr. Torsten Eder, head of the Powertrain. Within five seconds, the power of two hearts balanced, the S-class to 100 km/h and it continued up to a maximum of 250 km/h. Even if it is a sporty on-the-go, you can feel the power of the Mercedes S 560e is not so immediate as in the case of other vehicles, scraping with a petrol engine in the 500 HP mark. The Whole process goes smooth. If you step on the Gas, not the six-cylinder nitro to word, only the brakes of the Transition at slower speeds of the regenerative delay of the hydraulic braking is always imperceptible. press-inform / Mercedes, The Mercedes S 560 e can also be used with the On-Board charger with 7.4 kW of power to one Wallbox loaded

The technology has developed much further and uses the networking of the Sensors in the best possible way. At best, you switch to “Hybrid” and leaves the System, the selection of which operation mode is appropriate. Then the Software decides when sailed, recuperating, or is to be accelerated. The reaction is due to the data coming from the navigation system (route, speed limit), the stereo camera and the Radar (the flow of traffic). “Eco assistant” is the name of the invisible Chauffeur. For example, it is then “recuperated” so much, that the driver no longer has to brake when the System detects slower vehicles.

FOCUS Online Bye-bye, Tesla? Audi electric SUV in the first Check Eco-assistant is supposed to Save

help for example, it Is downhill, it will be sailed, and then recuperation on by the law is the predetermined maximum speed is delayed. The driver wants to determine how the car operates, the Eco assistant. In this case, the accelerator is an important Medium: A tangible pressure point will be signaled when the is switches on the burners, just the System initiates a counter-pressure, if it is best to go from the Gas, so that the electric motor can take over command.

Otherwise, you will feel in the S-class usual. The seats are comfortable and there is enough space available. Only when the trunk of the passengers of the Lithium-ion need to pay tribute to battery, then the volume shrinks to 375 liters. So much technology of course has its price: The Mercedes S 560e costs at least 114.317,35 Euro. For comparison: The Mercedes S 560 with a 345 kW / 469 HP eight-cylinder costs 115.090,85 euros. Database, testing,, test drive: All-electric cars in Germany

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manufacturer: Mercedes type: Plug-In Hybrid engine: six-cylinder turbo petrol engine and electric motor power: 350 kW (476 HP) maximum speed: 250 km/h further data… acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h: 5 seconds, transmission: 9-speed automatic drive: rear-wheel-drive battery type: Lithium-ion battery capacity: 13,5 kWh range electric: 50 km for a consumption of 20,2 kWh/100 km according to NEDC ability to household electrical outlet: Yes length: 5125 mm width: 1899 mm height of charge: 1493 mm empty weight: 2300 kg payload: 570 kg seats: 5 price of purchase: 114.317 Euro battery included: Yes