Although the Audi Q3 Sportback, would be the designation of Q4 fit for an end-to-end nomenclature is actually better, is a few mm longer than the normal Q3, it seems to be due to the significantly shallower and sloping to the rear roof line more dynamic.

Nevertheless, the Q3 Sportback offers but hardly any disadvantages in the value-in-use. Also in the second row for two adults to sit, at least, is still very convenient. As standard, the rear bench can also be used on the Sportback to 13 inches of longitudinal displacement or folding. The cargo space varies from 530 to 1400 liters.

Balanced chassis

Just as balanced as the Standard Q3, the chassis of the Sportback is presented. With its 19-inch tyres, the Crossover-coupe not only looks good, but is emphasized tuned to be balanced. Who he is not overly athletic ambitions, you can save on expensive options, such as a variable damper adjustment.

The normal spring-damper-package enough to be on the long routes comfortable on the road and on winding country roads not too many Nick – and roll stand. The steering is precise and smooth at the same time. The subtly in the Background, working double-clutch gearbox contributes the Rest to the good overall package.

Known drives

The drive of the Q3 Sportback-Known: To Start a powerful two-liter gasoline engine with 230 HP and 4×4 (from 55’250 Fr.) as well as a two-liter Diesel with 150 HP and front wheel drive (from 46’650 Fr.) a choice of both with a dual-clutch automatic.

Later, a more powerful Diesel (190 HP) and for the weight of the vehicle, something tried-acting 150-HP, entry-level gasoline engine that has a mild hybrid System with 48-Volt on-Board network and up to 0.4 l/100 km is expected to save follow. At the beginning of 2020, the Q3 Sportback will come together with the normal Q3, even as beefy RS-Version, with 400 HP.