What is Factory new, apart from 1078 instead of 999,6 CC? At first glance, of course, the pretty carbon dress with front fender, Side panels and Winglets for more downforce and braking stability. Under the just-cut dress can be identified at around 16 HP and 7 Nm for the strengthening of the V4 (a maximum of 122 Nm in the case of an increase in torque by 10 percent over the entire speed range) in addition to the above-mentioned displacement plus the following new features: new pistons, new oil Pump, dual oil-injection nozzles for effective piston cooling, on the intake side tighter timings, due to the increased torque, a longer transmission ratio for gears 5 and 6, as well as aerodynamically sleek molded throttle valve for an optimized guiding of the gas stream. In addition, the limiter intervenes only now in stunning 13’600/min. Although the chassis was based on the need for the Best this world has been created for the Factory there, again by Hand. “The of the mighty Winglets, induced Plus stability allowed us, on the Handling side, some of the briquettes to place,” explained Chassis engineer Piero Soatti.

No unnecessary gymnastics

However, as the currently strongest large-batch Bike rides now? At the curve entrance, the new Geometry is expressed with a absolutely willing to turn-in culture. Easier to pulse, a gentle weight shift and wham! – throws the machine to the top of the head. Of superhuman motivation, however, no trace! Precision, Feedback, negligible effort: All the cream of the crop and highly efficient – as you wish. On corner exit, where the Winglets make no effect, it’s not with the new Geometry, however, is something different. Certainly not bad, but the Factory was just under full load at the discharge of the Front is already reactive. Will hot that she wants to be led by a fine Hand, and the weight of the rider must be specially when Switching clean to be stored. Unnecessary turn, you should avoid exercises as possible, clean in the Pegs with the knees on the Tank terminals and the RSV4 Factory led can tender to “run”.

Ingenious brakes

Ergonomically, everything remains the good Old. Say, compact Seating position, a more narrow knee angle, not a generous Space for tall drivers. The windshield is cut very short and at the end of the Start-finish Straight, just before it straightens out at around 300 cases, and a “sail” power, according to a mortgage. You don’t want to be constantly shaken up, must’ve been the high accessories disc. Awesome sound, however, the stunning V4 backdrop and the brakes. The latter include pressure point-Definition, controllability and deceleration force to the best Of what I’ve ever driven.

conclusion: The extra Power of the 1100 Factory is most welcome and means that you can conduct the Italian relaxed the course. The chassis work is, after appropriate adjustment, everything in the usual Aprilia-style, almost like in seventh heaven.

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