the air Is particularly bad, to some cars in the Garage and he wants to enforce Geneva now. For the first time in Switzerland, the Handlebars need to buy a sticker, which depending on the emission values of the car a different color.

Depending on the alarm level may not exceed a maximum of three exhaust gas is not more stages in the Geneva city centre are available. For older cars with high pollutant values, it means that on days with high ozone and fine particulate values in the future, so Parking please.

Until March, glue-purchase-required

items no later than in March, the drivers have the green, purple, yellow, orange, red or grey stickers. In the case of the first two alarm levels, two categories of diesel to meet it vehicles, reported “SRF 4 News”. According to the Radio only at the highest alarm level also gasoline are prohibited.

exceptions will be made only for the police, the fire brigade, for the disabled transports, and, in Geneva, is especially important – diplomatic vehicles.

the exhaust is a measure that is considered to be of little consequences, because in Geneva, the air quality appears to have been only ten days per year as a problem.

Paris has it. pre-power

The Geneva government is following the French model: France has already in several cities such a Regime – for example, in the capital city of Paris And in Germany the restrictions for diesel cars is familiar in different places. (brb/pt)