Save, save, save. This is the Motto of the formula 1 in the Coronavirus crisis. After all, where revenue because of unusual race absence, advised especially the smaller Teams in the field in distress. Therefore, the formula 1 is already working on further measures to reduce costs.

the automotive world Federation FIA, formula 1 and team representatives to play specifically with the idea to freeze the current drives “” in order to reduce the development expenditure. As a side-effect of the engine could decrease the costs for customer teams.

In the room, even the drives, not just for a year to develop, but to hold possibly for several seasons to date.

formula 1: Budget cap could be modified to

This fits to the idea of the 2021 announced and now to 2022 suspended new formula 1 regulations to further postpone. The leaders are already discussing about 2023, as a possible new starting point for the realignment of the formula 1.

in the Short term, however, scheduled for 2021 the budget limit to be tightened. So far, the equivalent of about € 160 million per Team and year are provided, but exclusive of the salaries of drivers and managers. Marketing and travel expenses do not fall within the restriction.

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there could be a reduction in the maximum budget on the equivalent of about 140 million euros would be now in the first year, and again the smaller Teams. According to the information of ‘’ but the small racing teams for even more savings advocate, and a cost ceiling at the equivalent of 90 million euros.

McLaren announces short-time work, driver’s dispense with content

The top teams, in turn, could find themselves in a Situation in which they must be dismissed as a result of tightened restrictions on parts of its workforce, and an economically tense time.

How serious the Situation is illustrated by the example McLaren: The tradition of the team from the UK has signed up for two months of short-time working and the two formula 1 drivers Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz waive, in part, on your salary.

This article by Stefan Ehlen, Co-author: Jonathan Noble

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