Drivers Yandex.The taxi was graded passengers

Addition to the service there was quite a long time, but now the rating of a particular passenger, mounted taxi drivers became visible to the passenger. Thus in Yandex said that being a musician is difficult, but should not get upset: the drivers are different.

the taxi driver has the opportunity to assess the passenger for the same scale, where customers assign grades to taxi drivers, from one point to five. The final rating is calculated, as stated officially, on the basis of the last 40 assessments, but recent estimates are given greater weight than the old one.

it is Alleged that the personal rating started to show the users of Yandex.Taxi for improving the quality of travel: “When drivers and users treat each other with care and attention – well-everything.” However, the aggregator has stipulated that all drivers will not please. The fact that the passenger may seem like a small thing, for the driver can have a serious importance – for example, a customer slammed the door or forgot to say Hello.

However, the new system will allow you to determine unscrupulous and slaboalkogolnyh customers (and to bring this information to them). It is also assumed that customers with a high rating will have priority in service.

Good grades taxi drivers put passengers, for example, punctuality, careful attitude to the car, vzaimousilivat, convenient location for submission (not in a closed area or under the sign of the prohibition of stopping) and prior information about the details of the trip. In Yandex.Cab said that these qualities are passengers defined based on a survey of drivers.

Text: Avtovesti