Drivers asked to be careful on the roads because of ice

Photos: Moscow 24/Anton Velikzhanin

the Capital’s motorists asked to be careful on the roads because of bad weather. Warning message posted on Twitter TMS.

“Today in Moscow before the end of the day, snow is expected. Towards evening the temperature drops to minus values. Be slippery, a lot of minor accidents. Be careful, observe the speed limit”, – stated in the message.

drivers are asked to keep distance, to avoid sharp braking and rebuilds. In the second half of the day to motorists and is recommended to refuse from trips by personal cars.

Earlier, meteorologists warned that in Moscow on February 3, there will be sleet and rain. Experts explained that approaching the capital of the warm front.

Earlier researcher of the hydrometeorological center of Russia Roman Vilfand said that the temperature in Moscow this week for the first time in the winter close to the climate norm. This will happen on Thursday, February 6. The cold will begin from Wednesday, February 5.

the Meteorologist warned that the cold can be perceived as “the real moreside”, although the figures will still be above normal. He said that at night they drop to 5-9 frost, the day will be about 5.

However, the winter frosts will last only four days, and then again will come the thaw. The temperature begins to rise after February 7, said the forecaster. On 7 and 8 February in the afternoon the thermometer will still show negative values 2-3 degrees below zero.

on Sunday, February 9, will be even warmer – from minus 4 to plus 1 degree. Vilfand has noticed that this is only a preliminary forecast. More accurate data the weather center will present later.

When in the capital again cold weather will return

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