When you Start … nothing happens. Logically, while SUVs with gas, shake when pressing the start button the starter motor guard, electric cars, silence. But even so, the new electric Mercedes EQC, when you push the accelerator pedal down! No Crying, no Tram whirring. Only the wind whispers, while the acceleration to 100 kph in 5.1 seconds – felt us create the ears.

Maximum noise reduction

“In the case of electric cars, we go to CO2 reduction, but also to comfort,” says head of development, Michael Kelz. The two 204 HP drive motors at the front and rear have been decoupled for maximum rest in the ship, and encapsulated. Just made then noise in the ears of the developers, which were previously in the motor sound. “We looked at every Detail, to make it as quiet as possible,” says Kelz.

To 471 km range

With success. The sophisticated aerodynamics – improves optional, but the pants ruin ends of the footboards even more – also a few kilometres to the additional range. Theoretically, it would be up to 471 km. “In the summer with air conditioning, it was around 360,” says Kelz, “in the Winter, when we have to heat the battery, rather only 260.” But the car is also using a Smartphone App at the socket preconditioning. Completely empty, the first electric-Benz eleven hours to fully charge at the Wallbox at home. By fast you go charging in 40 minutes on 80 percent.

Amazing space

And what else? An SUV, like any other, and that is good news. No Design Extravagances, no problems; not even in the 500-litre boot. At the end of the sitting is more comfortable than from the outside, although the additional reinforcements to the roof of the sky up close and back.

Several assistants on Board,

New, numerous assistants, and, in addition to comfort, Eco, Sport and Individual – too the Max-Range program. The car applies the brakes if necessary, so that the battery charge is enough for up to the next pillar. At all – rarely have you felt so close to the Autonomous Driving, as in EQC, if all the wizard are enabled. The Start is in the summer, with prices starting from 84’900 Swiss francs.