The pesticide Chlorothalonil charged to the town’s groundwater. In every respect the municipalities, the limit of 0.1 micrograms per Liter in drinking water is exceeded, such as an investigation of the Canton of shows. Four Drinking water wells have already been removed from the network.

Some communities have to consider to obtain the water from another groundwater well to mix the water or to build a new water line, said Alda Breitenmoser from the office of consumer protection today in the regional journal of Aargau/Solothurn Radio SRF.

The Canton of search, together with the affected communities to find solutions. In the municipalities of greater efforts to come, said Breitenmoser. It was not “easy”.

municipalities remain secret

The Canton is known by the names of the municipalities, in their drinking water, the Chlorothalonil-limit value is not exceeded. The Canton recommends unsettled citizens, directly from your municipality to ask.

to inform The municipalities are obliged, on the quality of the drinking water. Faucet water can still be consumed everywhere in the Aargau, the office of consumer protection.

May cause cancer

the Swiss Farmland is used since the 1970s, the fungicide Chlorothalonil against fungal attack. The European food safety authority concluded in the spring of evidence for a health risk due to degradation products of Chlorothalonil.

Because of the possible carcinogenic effect of these substances, the EU has put the pesticide on the list of prohibited plant protection products. (SDA)