Dressed up as hohlushka Dormition of the cooked soup

Lyubov Uspenskaya period of isolation spent in his country house. The excess of free time feat Queen of chanson on the culinary exploits. So, on instagram she boasted that prepared the real Ukrainian borsch. And also “dressed up as hohlushka” in a dress trimmed with embroidery and braid.

“I Woke up my Ukrainian roots quarantined. Today I cooked borsch with pampushkas”, – she wrote on instagram.

However, the fascination with cooking has already given and weight gain – the assumption complained that already gained four pounds. However, the star is not especially sad, and even joked that her grandmother would have been happy to this circumstance, since she always thought that a beautiful woman should be plump.


Publish from Lyubov Uspenskaya (@uspenskayalubov_official) 10 APR 2020 11:13 PDT

There are positive aspects of power supply – the singer said that her hair started to grow much better than usual. Pace, said the assumption that soon she will have a braid to her waist.

As previously wrote “the Rambler”, the famous Lyubov Uspenskaya seriously engaged in promotion of Georgian singer — 28-year-old Levan Kbilashvili, who became known in Russia thanks to the participation in the project "Voice".