In the Coronavirus pandemic, there is for Saxony more no clear. “Unfortunately, in any Form, no relaxation,” said social Affairs Minister Petra Köpping (SPD) on Tuesday, referring to the current statistics. Thus, there is in the free state 1018 infections confirmed, 153 more than the day before. Meanwhile, five people are also Covid-19 died, according to Köpping, there are two recent deaths in Dresden.

The focus of infection is located in Dresden and Leipzig, as well as in the district of Zwickau, as Köpping said. For the accumulation there, there were two sources: a physical therapist, the infected seems to be on vacation and after a week, about 40 patients are treated have, as well as a family party with about 40 guests, and one of the Infected. In both cases, all contact persons were identified and quarantined. According to Köpping the Numbers do not rise more in the County of Zwickau.

To the two Dresden deaths could make Köpping no further information. Since the end of last week, three elderly people with pre-existing conditions, and infection with the causative agent of Sars-CoV had died, – 2 – a man in the district of Bautzen, as well as an 84-Year-old and a 87-Year-old from Berne village in the district of Zwickau.

Meanwhile, take clinics in Leipzig and Dresden, a total of eight Covid-19-patient with severe lung disease, from Italy, said Köpping. A military aircraft had flown in the night two 57-Year-old from the hospital Papa Giovanni XXIII (Northern Italy) to Leipzig, you will be treated in the University hospital in intensive care. According to Köpping you suffer from the typical symptoms of the Covid-19-disease, i.e., a pronounced Pulmonary dysfunction. You will be assisted at the University hospital of Leipzig in intensive care. “You are very bad, we strive to heal you.” Two other ventilator-dependent patients include the heart center, and the Helios-Klinikum Leipzig and the University hospital Dresden and the lung center Coswig two terminally ill from Bergamo to be expected.

“for us It is, of course, that we have to help in such a threatening Situation,” said Köpping. The clinics and hospitals in the free state had the capacity and medical Expertise for it. “Even if the borders are closed and each country is struggling to cope with the crisis, we think more European, and help where we can.”