The criticism of singer Florian silver iron “dream ship”role that you don’t want to lose weight. In an Interview with the German tabloid newspaper “Bild” shoot now, the actress Katerina Jacob (61) against the musicians.

you can’t understand why silver iron, the role of the captain has to get to. Jacob complains: “For such a role, it takes at least four years of training!”

the German pimped: “Nothing against Florian silver iron. But if he says: “I tattooed an anchor to me in the role empathize…”, then I can only say: I had my whole body full of Tattoos, so many roles I’ve played.”

Not the first criticism

Katerina Jacob is not the First, the criticism of silver and iron “dream ship”role. So dream ship”-Star Gila von weitershausen (75) not found “: “I think it is in the sense of the “dream ship”, as it once was.”

Comedian Harald Schmidt (61), the plays in the series cruise Director Oskar Schifferle, double after: “I hope I don’t need to hold be back for the closing speech!” Which is an allusion to the fact that he had to do this recently, because there is no captain in the series.

How silver-iron as the “dream ship”-captain of the suggests, is at the 26. To see December 2019, on ZDF. (bnr)