Yesterday was a big day for all British! Prince Harry (34) and Duchess Meghan (37) were the parents of a boy. In the afternoon, it was announced that mother and baby are well and you are staying with your family in Frogmore Castle.

according to British media write, the Boy came, however, not to the world. Although in the run-up to a lot of it has been reported that the Duchess Meghan’s dream is to give birth at home, she was taken on Sunday evening in the Portland private hospital in London. There Baby Sussex saw “a” to point 5:26 and the light of the world. Meghan is supposed to be with Harry at her side and a Security Team from Scotland Yard in the luxury clinic.

Royals knew nothing about birth

Until recently, Meghan will have to your Plan to give birth at home. However, because of the planned birth date had already exceeded a week, she was taken to the Portland hospital. About even most of the Royals had been not informed.

A night at the Portland hospital costs the equivalent of 20’000 Swiss francs. But Meghan was not in the luxury environment. Only hours later, the Ex-actress, her husband Prince Harry and “Baby Sussex were” back home in Frogmore Castle.

“I’m so incredibly proud of my wife”

Prince Harry was in the afternoon, his first Interview as a father. “I am overjoyed to announce that Meghan and I have received a very healthy boy. I am so incredibly proud of my wife”, announced the Royal radiant. “It was my first birth. It was incredible and absolutely unbelievable. All fathers and parents would say that the Baby is absolutely incredible, but this little thing is absolutely irresistible. I am over the moon.” The two fresh parents have agreed on a name.

Royal Fans cheering on around the world! The first child of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry is finally here! All the news about the birth, the name, title and gender of the “Baby Sussex” read here in the live Ticker.

The Palace announced in a Statement at the beginning of April, that Meghan and Harry want to celebrate the birth of their first child, initially at rest. Many Fans hoped before, that Meghan and Harry as Prince William (36) and Duchess Kate (37) with Prince George (5), Princess Charlotte (3) and Prince Louis (1) already a few hours after the birth with the newborn in front of the press and Fans in front of the hospital. As Harry revealed yesterday in his Interview, will have to wait the world but still up on Wednesday. Then you will be able to at a press event for the first Time, a look at “Baby Sussex” throw. (klm)

it was Only in October 2018, the pregnancy of the Duchess was confirmed. A birth date was never communicated officially. But it is assumed that the child comes at the end of April or beginning of may.

Harry and Meghan want to enjoy your family happiness only for himself alone, as the Palace announced this week. “The joyful message with all the parts, after you were able to celebrate the birth in the family circle,” writes the British Palace to the upcoming birth. The first pictures of the offspring to be released on the new Instagram Account of the two.

Whether the offspring of Harry and Meghan may also be called Princess or Prince, not sure yet. In addition, the Queen will decide after the birth, as this is deprived of a small part of the Royals. In the case of the children of Prince William (36) and Duchess Kate (37) this was last the case.

it has Long been speculated whether the Duchess Meghan, as Duchess Kate their offspring in the world-renowned Lindo Wing of St. Mary’s will bring the Hospital in London to the world. Now a new assumption, however, seems more likely: in Order to escape the media frenzy, Meghan give birth in their own four walls, Frogmore Cottage in Windsor. The Ex-actress wants to step in the footsteps of the Queen (92), the all brought their four children in Buckingham Palace or Clarence House.

Even if can only speculate, one thing is certain: The Royal Baby will occupy the seventh place in line to the throne of Prince Andrew (59). It is only a place behind daddy Harry.

gender and name were not expressed, Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan. It is supposed to according to the British “Baby Sussex” either Diana or Elizabeth is hot. It should be a Boy, the name of Arthur, Edward and James in the betting offices. (bnr)