It’s not just truck drivers who are short of workers – bus and train drivers also need many more drivers. A business association is now calling for drivers from abroad to be deployed more quickly and for training to be speeded up.

The Federal Association of German Bus Companies (BDO) complains of a “dramatic” driver shortage, which is also having a negative impact on the intended traffic turnaround. The lobby of the private bus companies already sees around 5,000 vacancies and expects that up to 36,000 drivers will be missing within the next ten years – just to replace the employees who are retiring due to age.

The BDO expects an even higher demand for the additional tasks that result from the government’s goal of doubling the number of passengers in public transport.

The bus association is therefore also calling for the removal of bureaucratic obstacles to the use of foreign drivers. He also sees opportunities to get more people interested in the profession in digital driving school lessons and in reducing the high costs of training and driving licenses. Against the background of the shortage of skilled workers in the industry, BDO general manager Christiane Leonard also reminds that “without a rapid and massive expansion of the bus service” it will not be possible to achieve the climate targets. (awm)

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