It is shortly after 5.30 am on Thursday morning, as in the case of the police of the Canton of St. Gallen received the message from a dead Person. The deceased is a Swiss (†63), who threw himself in front of a train.

When the officers to the apartment of the 63-Year-old drove, they found a dead Swiss (†49) with stab wounds.

The investigation authorities so far, a homicide followed by a suicide. The exact sequence and the background facts are unclear and are the subject of ongoing investigations, such as the St. Gallen cantonal police, in a communication writes. The Prosecutor’s office has opened a criminal case.

Both brought children into the relationship

“It is very sad. We were shocked when the us, the police has reported,” says a neighbor to VIEW. The woman had always been very friendly. “I never thought that there are Some problems.” The Partner of the woman you didn’t know, however, is closer. He had rather been holding back.

According to local residents, the two three-storey-lived distributed in your part of the house in the middle of the place. The 49-Year-old brought two children into the relationship, which, however, grow up with the father. The 63-Year-old had already become earlier, a father, but also his children lived in the house in Au.


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