Draft order In some cases the police will be able to shoot down drones

As reported “Interfax” the document posted on the official Internet portal of projects of normative-legal acts.

In particular, the document establishes “the procedure for making decisions on the suppression of location of unmanned aircraft in the airspace and list of officials authorised to take such decisions.”

the interior Ministry noted that the control of the drone, which is in violation of the established rules of use, is assessed as a threat to the life, health and property of citizens. This is the basis for the decision on the suppression of finding a drone ship in the air.

force stop of the drone will be implemented, if the operator has no permits for flights in the area, and if the drone operator is intoxicated or does not respond to the demand of the police to stop the flight.

the police Officer in case of violation, will have to take measures to ensure security and to remove the citizens from the place of intended landing or falling of the UAV, and to detect and detain the operator of a drone.