the Actress Lotte Andersen, which right now is current in the DR’s dramasatsning ‘When the dust has settled’ and the tv series ‘Sommerdahl’ on TV2 Charlie, is absolutely sure that she the past few weeks have been hit by the coronavirus.

It tells the 57-year-old actress to the news agency Ritzau.

“I have just come out of coronaens soggy claws. I have been sick for almost three weeks. I have not been tested, but I am one hundred percent sure, I’ve had a corona,” she says.

Lotte Andersen has been hit by high fever, cough and severe headaches, and in addition she lost his taste – and sense of smell, which in the first place puzzled her.

“My doctor was saying that it is very common, when you have the flu, but I have never experienced it so much before.”

“I could read to me that when one loses his taste – and sense of smell, it’s a pretty clear coronasymptom,” she says.

Lotte Andersen have among other things read about the German virolog and professor at the university of Bonn Hendrik Streeck, who has gone from door to door in the coronaramte Heinsberg region in Germany and interviewed the infected.

Here, around two thirds of the respondents said that they had experienced changes in some of their senses, including the sense of smell and sense of taste, writes Jyllands-Posten.

Lotte Andersen have no idea where or how she was supposed to be have been infected with the coronavirus.

She was sick the 7. march, while she was filming for a new season of Viaplay-the series ‘Freedom’.

It was before, that the prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, the 11. march Denmark closed down.

“I told me sick from the shots and we pushed the all the time date of when we would start filming my scenes.”

“More from the production began to report themselves sick, and in those days there were more and more focus on coronavirus – also in the media – so I could well sense that the entire film production began to shut down. And then stopped everything,” she says.

Lotte Andersen describes his illness as very different than a regular flu.

“First and foremost it longer. You are accustomed to, that a influenza is no more than eight days, but when I was on day 14, was my fever still of 39.5.”

“So I think really: ‘Now it must stop. What happens with me? My days were numbered?’. Influenza at the least, that you just must get, even if it is hard,” she says.

She think it was creepy not to know how her body would react.

“I had, fortunately, my good friend, who is a medical doctor, in the pipe every day, so we could talk about how I had it. At one point I thought it was bad with my breathing and with the fever, so she invited me to be checked,” she says.

Lotte Andersen has through the whole course could not be allowed to be tested for corona. But she was sent to Herlev Hospital coronaklinik, where she was attended to by a doctor and a nurse.

“I got measured my pulse and my oxygen saturation in the blood, but they did not think that there was something to be afraid of. My body was already starting to combat the virus. So it was basically very reassuring,” she says.

She has now come out on the other side and has been asymptomatic for five days.

“I feel me fortunately completely on top again,” she says.