New DR program should give an insight into the Danish nature. Some of the footage in the program is however staged.

DR’s naturserie ‘Wild wonderful Denmark’ contains some staged clip.

It appears in the 10 seconds at the very end of the credits of the program, which was sent Sunday night.

In the text it appears that filming for the programme is done in close cooperation with the leading Danish experts.

It must ensure that ‘the depicted situations represent the animals’ natural behavior as faithfully as possible and ensure the least possible impact of the performing animals’.

‘Certain scenes are staged, and made recordings in the studio and aquariums, as are used tame animals,’ reads the text.

the Program aims to give viewers an insight into the Danish countryside and the animals that live therein.

Henrik Zachariassen producer on the program. He has previously told to the DR about the mise en scenes, which are made to the program. Here he explained, among other things, that some of the recordings would be impossible to make in the free nature.