Presenter Regina todorenko, “bright and good man,” was subjected to harassment. About this pediatrician Eugene Komorowski said in his telegram channel.

Earlier, as reported “the Rambler”, Todorenko called women who publicly accuse their husbands of domestic violence, mentally ill, and advised them before that to ask questions, why they beat and what they did, not to beat.

The presenter was highly criticized by the public for his statement. Meanwhile, Komorowski wrote in his telegram a lengthy post in its support.

In it he called Todorenko, light, kind, hardworking, optimistic, talented, successful person, the criticism — bullying, and myself — an expert network to harassment and frequent subject.

“Great network experts regularly teach me how to love the Motherland and what language to speak, who can and who can not lecture me about the health of children,” said the doctor.

According to him, Todorenko not said anything at all criminal, but her words were only part of the answer, give which is completely impossible in the format of an interview.