the DR will be extraordinary to put more focus on the current corona-situation in the coming days.

Therefore, there will be already planned programs which shall inform the tv station in a press release.

“We are in a very serious situation, and therefore, today we have taken the necessary actions in order to continue to keep the main parts of the DR’s production running smoothly. It is particularly of news reporting, our beredskabsforpligtelser and generally keeping sendenettet running,” says DR’s director general Maria Rørbye Rønn.

“the Majority of employees have today been inside past the DR’s locations to retrieve the equipment, so that they can to some extent work from home. It is clear that users are going to notice the changed sendeplan, but I can promise you that we all do our best in a difficult situation.”

Already on Thursday, will DR1 send a special edition of ‘Doctor’s table’, where sundhedskorrespondent Peter Qvortrup Geisling, together with leading experts will answer viewer questions and tell about the current development.

the Program will be preliminary sent Monday to Thursday at. 19 and as long as Denmark is in the nedluk’, says DR.

in Addition, the following changes in the sendeplanen:

TV news at 18: 30 and 21: 00 is maintained in the current sendelængder sent an extra tv-newspaper at fixed times in the course of the daytime, just as there will continue to be breaking response to, for example, to broadcast press conferences when necessary, ’21 Sunday’ shall be deleted in its current form and be replaced by a tv-newspaper Vejrudsendelser be maintained There will be forklaringsformater on modern art with the corona-related substance ‘Horizon’ will be sent with a special Corona Live broadcast on DR1 on Tuesday the 17. march DR’s tilgængelighedsindsats (subtitling, audio description ft.v.) maintained ‘Reboot’ – DR’s daily nyhedspodcast will firmly focus on the situation in Denmark.

All the events in DR’s concert hall is cancelled

P3 Gold not held on the otherwise scheduled time

“the DR has a special role in relation to keeping all the parts of the population, both children and adults, as well as regional and national, informed about matters that are essential to society. The role we assume, of course, and are extra focused on in times like these,” says Maria Rørbye Rønn.