Boring it is Camille Balanche never. For this, they provides even. Hardly they have mastered a sport, she searches elsewhere for a new challenge. “There’s something to it,” says the 29-Year-old from Le Locle, NE, laughing.

The number after the: As a child, she was in the ski club, as a Junior two-time Swiss champion in fencing, she also did athletics, and later (2010) it was with the hockey team in Vancouver (Can), and then put a volley Phase in of the 2. League. “I have a lot of Talent to learn quickly,” she says, “many of my colleagues say: “This is madness.” But I have a lot of sports Fun to stop!”

Balanche makes everything practically at their own expense

For several years, the mountain bike is now, but Balanches work device – first, they made the Enduro, now it is focused on the Downhill (“I’m explosive and non-persistent”). Also, since Balanche is talented. Two weeks ago, she was in the Pampilhosa da Serra (Por), the European champion, even though she drives for a year, Downhill. “Many world-class were athletes at the European Championships”, qualifies you. Strong Cam”, as they call friends drove “, anyway. “And now I’m looking forward to my first full world Cup season. I would like to establish in the scene,” she says.

are not so easy in a sport, in worldwide, only ten athletes were professionals. And so screwed-up and Balanche oiling their Bikes in their small, but neat basement in Biel, BE yourself. It makes virtually anything on your own costs. Especially the travel-intensive hits on the wallet. “Because I work as a fitness instructor and a climbing instructor, it is but just.”

“Swimming is not at all”

multi-talented Camille Balanche, who has finished her sport studies for a long time, but it is clear: “Forever I can’t go on like this. At some point, I need more support.” For this, she has compiled a Dossier to apply for Teams. “But I’m new, no one knows me. It is also very important that you have on Instagram many Followers. Many people have 10 000 and more, I’m at 3000. It is not simply that Switzerland is small.”

The discouraged Balanche not. She has found her Passion. “Out in the sun, enjoy the nature, the adrenaline of Downhill – there is nothing more Beautiful.” The question remains: Is there a sport that can’t Balanche? “Swimming is a no-go,” she says, laughing.