“My goal is to be the best”: Detlef Steves has never lacked self-confidence. With a big mouth and a short fuse, the 53-year-old has mutated into a well-booked TV star since he appeared on the VOX show “Ab ins Beet” in 2009. In the show “Detlef Goes Schlager” Steves is now facing his biggest challenge so far: he wants to become a Ballermann star – even though he has only sung in the shower so far. “When Detlef says he’s going to be a Ballermann star, then I think: ‘He doesn’t have them all anymore!'” His wife Nicole gave the direction at the start of the six-part show.

His longtime friend Markus Krampe said Moerser had more courage. Michael Wendler’s ex-manager judged the audience on the Balearic Island: “They want someone who is one of them. Deffi fits like a glove.” Now the “golden voice from Moers” has to be teased out – which means a lot of work, because: “Mood singer is a very hard job and much harder than you imagine.”

But Detlef had a completely different problem: He should memorize a sample song for singing coaching with ex-DSDS participant Juliette Schoppmann. “What am I actually doing to myself?” the TV star wailed as he appropriated the Jürgen Drews classic “A Bed in the Cornfield”. “I was so pissed off.” Before Steves dared to be under the strict eyes of Schoppmann, he first ventured into the studio of his friend, the songwriter Markus Grimm, for a test run. He knew: “As soon as Detlef’s pulse increases, he has no control over his voice.” Instead of encouraging him, Grimm rather teased Detlef: “In order to shine with your voice, when should that take place? 2035.”

A few days later it was time to get to know Juliette Schoppmann. “It would be a thorn that would be very deep,” speculated manager Krampe about a possible failure of Detlef. He even feared the “day of the downfall of German music”. But after the test run, everyone was relaxed. Schoppmann “wasn’t worried” any more and Krampe was extremely diplomatic in that Detlef’s performance was “by no means the worst” that he had heard from party singers during his career. With so much praise, Detlef burst into tears at the end of the day: “I’m glad I took the first step, that I’m not a slob.”

At the end of the vocal coaching, Krampe had good news or, depending on how you look at it, a formidable surprise. His protégé will be on stage at the “ZDF TV Garden” in Mallorca in five weeks. “Now I’m dizzy, old man!” Detlef groaned – especially considering the fact that his own song wasn’t even finished yet. But what is not, can still be – and it was a week later.

Then Steves found himself in the studio of hit producer Mike Rötgens. With his works he supplies singers like Jürgen Drews and Mickie Krause – a league in which Detlef would also like to advance. Rötgens had “written” a song for Detlef: “Definitely.” The aspiring pop bard Steves was immediately enthusiastic about the hit, manager Krampe judged with a winner’s grin on his lips: “I can already hear the coins jingling!”

In the meantime, Detlef stepped in front of the microphone full of energy, actually just to try it out a little. But then everything turned out very differently. “Deffi just nailed the whole song in half an hour. No one could have counted on that,” summed up the baffled Krampe. So Steves has mastered the first hurdle on the way to becoming a Mallorca singer: his first own song. But that’s by no means the last stop on the rocky road to becoming a party hero.

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