The list is long: In Switzerland, about 1400 people are waiting, according to the Swiss transplant a donor organ. Last year, 68 died because they did not get in time. It was no exception: Every year, it hits dozens.

With a popular initiative that was submitted in March, are now to be the donor numbers increased: In the case of the so-called contradiction solution case in the death of each to the donor, if he does not pronounce itself explicitly against it.

Now a group of doctors wants the exact opposite: In a Petition from the Association of Doctors and nurses against organ donation, end-of-life (ÄPOL) calls for a Moratorium of organ donation after cardiac death. So far, it has around 150 signatures – at 1000, the Petition should be sent to the health Minister Alain Berset.

In Switzerland can be found in the organs of a donor five minutes after the cardiac arrest. “This time period is much too short,” says Alex Free by the Association ÄPOL. It was not proven that the functions of the brain are already damaged irrevocably.

brain function

The retired doctor made calls, among other things, a US study published in April in the journal “Nature,” researchers at the Yale ends University were able to produce in pigs, four hours after the death of certain brain functions. Global brain activity in Form of EEG signals, however, were not measured, the brains showed no signs of perception or consciousness.

Frank, Director of Swisstransplant, said: “The study has just documented something that is sufficiently well-known.” Namely, that certain cells can be prolonged interruption of the blood flow restored. “But the nerve cells in the brain are damaged after a short period of time so that they come back,” says Always. “Even if in brain-dead patients, the toenails continue to grow: It is the failure of the brain marks the death of the patient”.

this death question definition. “It’s just living organs of living bodies can be transplanted,” he says. An organ donor could not be in the collection dead. You can’t prove definitively that you are the donor so not too bad.

Frank Always of Swisstransplant disagrees: “The failure of the brain function as a criterion for the death of a patient, is internationally undisputed and scientifically broad-based.” The finality of brain death has been confirmed in decades of medical practice. No case is known in the someone after the brain death has its essential brain functions recovered.

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