Instagram-Blogger, there is enough of that. The latest Trend: twin Influencer! This Hannah Kathleen Hawkshaw says. The Irish Marketing expert, says to the Daily Mail: “people have always been fascinated by twins, and the families Element of your brand with Influencers-twins is very appealing.”

“We love to see the personalities of people”

The advantage is in the case of twins, in the case of Instagram insights in your life that you can attract twice the amount of audience. Financially, the Social-Media appearance was in a Duo promising. To the second, especially as a pair of twins, one could present the products of “unique and creative”. “Their personal relationship shines through in your content, which tells an engaging story. We love to see the personalities of people, and the twins offer their followers two view angle the a solo influencer creates not easy.”

Laura and Klaudia Badura (28) from London, have established themselves as the Influencer Duo: The sisters’ve been modeling since childhood and were to be seen in 2015 in the “Playboy”series “Amateur Girls” to. The Badura twins, the Outfits or Lifestyle, share content, follow at Instagram 225’000 Fans, on Youtube you can count to 60’000 subscribers. The sisters Gülcan and Sahinur also utilize twin Power-share with its 1.8 million Fans in front of all fashion content and show since 2015 your Outfits.

The Dolan Twins include the well-known twin pair in the network: The brothers Ethan and Grayson were in 2013, with Comedy Posts on the App “Vine” famous and have Youtube in the meantime 10.3 million subscribers, with Instagram to follow you with 4.7 million Fans. The Dolan brothers have two “Teen Choice”Awards on the account.

children are Also as a twin-Influencer asked

children are Also on social networks as a twin-Influencer asked: Isabella and Mia Drotini (6) from Australia to advertise on the profile of their mother, Brooke, for children’s clothes or School supplies. Around a Million Followers to trace the lives of the twins in Instagram. Double twin content offers Victoria Morell (35). She is a mommy of Seve and Aurelio (5) and Nico and Rafael (1) and on your Instagram profile a glimpse into their lives. (kad)