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” We have requested the emergency meeting with the political leadership in the ministry of Agriculture and food (LMD) about beitekrisen in reindeer herding, ” says sametingspresident Aili Keskitalo.

the Parliament also has a dialogue with Kommunaldepartementet about the difficult situation that many small businesses are in now.

Several tourist agencies and enterprises are among those who struggle the most, ” says Keskitalo.

She is even living in Kautokeino, where about half of the municipality’s 3,000 inhabitants live by husbandry.

Several small tourism enterprises in the municipality also collaborates closely with the reindeer herding. These are now in addition, affected by strict rules to stop the spread of koronaviruset.

– Krisefondet must be doubled

WAITING for RESPONSE: Sametingspresident Aili Keskitalo waiting for a response from the ministry of Agriculture. She has asked to meet with the political leadership to discuss the beitekrisen in reindeer herding.

Photo: Parliament / Archive

Messages about beitekrise in reindeer herding began in earnest to come in the new year. Huge amounts of snow make that the reindeer are unable to dig down to the food.

In the reindriftsavtalen is the set of 12,7 million to krisefondet.

Forecasts from the county governor in Troms and Finnmark already shows that reindriftas expenses are greater than the sum.

– We have requested a meeting with the political leadership in the ministry, because we see that it is urgent to increase the krisefondet. Probably must the sum be doubled, ” says Aili Keskitalo.

She has reason to hope for such a meeting in the course of this week.

According to the ministry’s own estimates, almost 200,000 reindeer and several hundred reineiere affected by beitekrisen.

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many small tourism businesses are among those affected severely due to measures against koronaspredning.

Reiselivsaktør Johan Aslak Hætta in Kautokeino tells, that it is just before he gives up the life’s work of his. He also calls for measures from the government that helps small businesses.

the Parliament is aware that there are many who are struggling.

We have provided clear information to the government about the situation of these small companies. The government is aware of this problem, ” says Keskitalo.

the Same information the government has received by the county, the municipality, trade unions, the confederation of Norwegian enterprise and other environments that are tight on the small businesses, she points out.

In this case, the sámi Parliament has also a close dialogue with the political leadership in Kommunaldepartementet.

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Companies have also been notified by the Parliament that they get deferral of projects, which stops up because of koronatiltakene.

ALVORLI SITUATION: Lapland Næringshage has mapped out the situation for 35 small businesses. – Koronatiltakene frames company is very hard, ” says Solveig Ballo.

Photo: Lapland Næringshage

the Parliament has also provided additional funding to Lapland Næringshage, which helps with counseling to approximately 35 companies in 5 municipalities in Inner Finnmark.

– It is important that the Parliament in this difficult situation is the driving force in relation to the central authorities, ” says the head of Lapland næringshage, Solveig Ballo.

And add:

– the Government must get the information about how precarious the situation is for the smallest firms in the north, ” says Ballo.

She points out that reindeer husbandry is a major industry in the five municipalities. It is important that beitekrisen not have to go under the radar because of koronasituasjonen.

– Reindriftsmyndighetene must come with targeted crisis measures, she believes.

Friday to the government according to the plan put forward a new krisepakke.

There are multiple expectations that they will propose measures which are also suitable for the smallest of businesses.

Waiting for reply

The request for the emergency meeting with the ministry of Agriculture and food are sent in the beginning of this week.

So far have not, the sámi Parliament received a final response to the inquiry.

the Norwegian broadcasting corporation has asked the ministry’s presseavdeling about the political leadership of the ministry of agriculture has plans to meet with the Parliament.

The preliminary answer from there is that they should investigate the matter as soon as possible.

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